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Proven applications that offer higher efficiency, favorable pricing, while lowering drivers for climate change. All Dais applications utilize our nano-structured polymer Aqualyte™, which reshapes how to calculate efficiency and profitability.



Aqualyte™ is a smart plastic that selectively conducts water molecules and blocks all other particles, gases, and chemicals. Hydrophobic regions provide a strong and flexible structure while hydrophilic regions absorb water molecules into the polymer, allowing permeation between surfaces and inhibiting fouling and eliminating pathogens. We manage the features of Aqualyte to create differentiated products that allow for the independent control of temperature and humidity while reducing emissions.

Optimizes moisture management.
Absorbs/releases water molecules without moving parts or expending energy, improving efficiency and increasing product lifetimes.

Purifies water and kills pathogens.
Restricts large molecules, ions, and gasses so water molecules transfer through the membrane leaving contaminates behind.

Fully commercial in the sustainable market.
Our nanotech solutions in the $640 billion market enable us to help you respond to Corporate Socially Responsible market demands.

Keep your people healthy.
Kills 99.99% of Covid-19 and 95% of fungi and bacteria so your people are safe and healthy. (ASTM: E-1053, G-21, G-22, E-2149)

Recoup your investment.
Applications in air, water, energy, food, and health, deliver energy savings, reduced CO2 emissions, and CAPEX/OPEX savings.

Elevate your brand.
Together, we reshape old notions of green products and position your brand for a sustainable future.


Using Aqualyte™, ConsERV™ works in conjunction with other HVAC systems to efficiently manage ventilation air. Combined with other Dais products to manage humidity and cooling (i.e., DisruptorCC™, NanoAIR™), ConsERV™ manages fresh air in demanding climates year-round. On hot and humid days, ConsERV™ brings cooler, drier air through your HVAC system. On cold and dry days, it brings warmer, moister air. Streams are kept separate so incoming air is free from mold, fungus, odors, smoke, and water molecules while the inside stale air is exhausted outside.

Increases fresh air ventilation.
ConsERV uses Aqualyte in a fixed-plate ERV to purify air and re-use energy to meet ventilation standards, lower CO2 emissions, and save 30%.

Elevates health, cognition, and productivity.
Kills 99.99% of pathogens (Covid-19) and 95% of fungi and bacteria – studies show people score 18% higher on standardized testing and are 3X more productive.

Quick return on investment.
ConsERV manages moisture in demanding climates with no moving parts and low maintenance for a total system effectiveness greater than 65%.


ConsERV Application for Kitchen Makeup Air

ConsERV Ventilation for Battery Charging Spaces

ConsERV Ventilation for Restroom Applications

Reduce your maintenance costs.
No more paying to remove, wash, and reinsert desiccants. Plus, testing proves ConsERV lasts over 23 years, which is why there are 40,000+ cores in use without one failure in 15 years.

Get more out of employees.
A comparison of green and conventional offices found better air quality makes your people smarter and more productive.

Keep your money.
CAPEX/OPEX savings provide an ROI ranging from immediate (new projects with downsized HVAC) to five years (retrofit projects).


Using Aqualyte™, the DisruptorCC™ moisture management unit manages humidity for limited cooling. DisruptorCC™ can also work with ConsERV™ to provide precision humidity and temperature control while using less energy than conventional systems.

The DisruptorCC can add or remove humidity without exposing people to coronavirus, legionella bacteria, or residues from ultrasonic humidifiers. It’s low maintenance and lasts the life of your environmental system. It saves energy and reduces your carbon footprint, especially when combined with ConsERV to manage your ventilation needs.


A NanoAir™ unit replaces traditional heaters as well as air conditioners while delivering better air quality. NanoAir™ can also be used to lower temperatures for an efficient alternative to conventional refrigeration units. NanoAir™ can also work with ConsERV™ to eliminate ozone-depleting fluorocarbons used in HVAC.

NanoAir™ can be deployed in all types of commercial and residential buildings, data centers, medical facilities, homes, cars, trains, buses, retail display coolers, and refrigerated trucks. And NanoAir™ is constructed from Dais’ proprietary nanomaterial and a modest number of commercially available HVAC parts. The result is lower maintenance costs and increased ease of use.


The NanoClear™ filtration system addresses industry problems with modern methods of water cleanup such as membrane fouling, high costs, effluent disposal, and removal of toxins. Water molecules diffuse through the Aqualyte™ membrane, purifying the water at a molecular level and delivering the cleanest water possible. Because of this new approach, NanoClear™ can inexpensively treat salt, brackish and wastewater.

NanoClear™ Frequently Asked Questions

NanoClear™ Presentation


Using Aqualyte™, NanoFresh™ uses the climate condition in the fridge’s crisper drawer to delay spoilage of food, fruit, and vegetables.

  • Reduce spoilage of fresh produce by 10%
  • Maintain moisture equilibrium prevents condensation and desiccation
  • Reduce atmospheric exchange

NanoFresh uses Aqualyte to keep produce fresh and food from spoiling. The increased shelf life is up to five times longer.


FortisShield™ is a spray that forms a protective layer on surfaces. It inactivates human coronavirus, bacteria, and pathogens long after it dries.

  • Disinfectant and an antimicrobial protective coating.

Third-party testing confirms nanomaterial Aqualyte used in FortisShield inactivates 99.99% of human coronavirus and 95% of bacteria within 3 to 5 minutes of contact.


The NanoCap™ ultracapacitor stores energy by functioning both like a battery and a capacitor. This innovative application offers game-changing advances from power grids to consumer electronics and transportation. NanoCap™ functions differently than a battery because it stores an electrical charge, not chemical energy. Preliminary tests indicate that NanoCap™ has three times the storage power of today’s best Lithium-Ion batteries and exhibits staggering storage potential equivalent to the energy density of gasoline.

With the advent of an energy storage device scalable for small or large projects, electricity from intermittent electricity generators like solar panels and wind turbines can be stored on an individual, community, or societal level. Such storage allows the steady and predictable release of renewable electricity into the grid and advances electricity delivery.