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Investor Relations


Contact: Dais Corporation
11552 Prosperous Drive
Odessa, FL 33556
Tel: 727-375-8484
Fax: 727-375-8485
Email: investor@daisnano.com
Company Information: Dais (DLYT) OTC Exchange
Company Address: 11552 Prosperous Drive
Odessa, FL 33556
Company Websites: www.daisnano.com
Phone: 727-375-8484
Fax: 727-375-8485
Business Description: The company is engaged in the commercialization of its current and newer nanomaterials for applications spanning multiple industries focusing on energy and water. We are executing a business model focusing on the sale, distribution and/or licensing of our nanomaterials and/or value-added products made of our nanomaterial.
Year of Incorporation: 1999
Officers and Directors: Tim Tangredi, CEO and Chairman
Brian C. Johnson, Chief Technology Officer
John Walsh, General Manager
Elizabeth Xuan Wang, Director
Robert W. Schwartz, Director
William McCollum, Director
Kailey Humpel, Corporate Secretary
Fiscal Year End: December 31
Edgar Filing Status: EDGAR Filer
Shares: 1.1B common shares authorized
10M preferred shares authorized
Company Notes: None.
Transfer Agent: Transfer Online, Inc.
512 SE Salmon St.
Portland, OR 97214
503.227.2950 Office
503.227.6874 Fax

Climate change and the aftereffects of a global pandemic continue to reorder people’s thinking and buying habits. The global market for innovative solutions addressing the reordering is growing with buyers seeking proven sustainable products.

Dais solutions re-establish a balanced ecosystem by protecting the core elements of life – fresh air, clean water, and the efficient use of energy.

Our proprietary nanoscale polymer platform is proven, affordable, and enables evolutionary or ‘forever industry changed’ product solutions.

We accomplish this by managing the nanoscale polymer’s built-in features requiring no energy or recharging and having a long service life. The result is the ability to replace energy consuming, breakable components found in todays ‘state of the art’ products.

Dais is commercially selling product its award-winning line of ConsERV™ energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) (www.consERV.com), and its Aqualyte™ nanomaterial for key OEM uses.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance at Dais is focused on ensuring our investor’s return on investment matches the Company’s depth to do so. In Corporate Governance, we strive to ensure a clear distinction between the role(s) of (a.) the Shareholders of the company, and the Company’s Board of Directors and Team running the Company when it involves solid, effective strategic decision-making.

Currently, we use the following to do our best to achieve the needed distinctions:

  • Set up and use Key Performance Indicators (KPI) from each department within Dais: Development, Production, Engineering, Marketing/Sales, and Corporate.
  • Use and continually update the internal Team Handbook which contains an overview of rules by which every member of the Dais team uses to meet/exceed expectations.
  • Regular internal audits of key processes. The audits are generally open discussions between Team members focused on improving efficiency and security.
  • Use and continually update machinery scheduled service and repair integrated with a Company Safety Plan.

The Company may edit or add to this list over time as situations require.

Code of Ethics

Dais’s Code of Ethics embodies the use of its talents to provide solutions protecting the core elements of life – Fresh Air, Clean Water, and the Efficient Use of Energy – which in turn re-establish a balanced eco-system.

This is the guiding principle for governing our Company including our supply chain. The commitment is to move others worldwide to sustainable product which is proven by industry third parties in total transparency.

In doing so the Company will always strive to act:

  • In the best interest of its customers
  • Promoting the health, well-being, and satisfaction of its Team: the reason we can do what we do.
  • Honestly with integrity owning up to a possible mistake.
  • Do not discriminate – respect everyone.
  • Maintain our confidentiality terms/conditions.
  • In a safe manner not to forget we work around machinery.

For over twenty years Dais has pursued a path working to enrich its stakeholders while ‘doing the right thing’ involving a focus on re-establishing a balanced ecosystem and achieving this using advanced nanomaterials.