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About Us

Who We Are

Dais has provided nanotechnology-based applications for heating & cooling, water treatment, and energy storage since 1999. Our solutions in these industries are reshaping traditional notions of eco-friendly solutions by reducing environmental impact and lowering costs.

At Our Core

We’re a global nanotechnology materials and processes company located in Tampa Bay, FL, U.S.A. The soul of each of our products is a patented polymer called Aqualyte™. This breakthrough nanomaterial enables us to offer a portfolio of technologies.

Our first product, the ConsERV™ energy recovery ventilator, verified the capabilities of our materials and processes. Used in conjunction with air conditioners, ConsERV™ lowers costs by 30% and minimizes the carbon footprint of HVAC equipment by 50%. And with over 40K units sold worldwide, we’re using the features of Aqualyte™ to create a host of sustainable solutions.

Our challenge is this…

Take a look at our products and let’s work together to protect the core elements of life.

Our Partners

Here are some of the Partners we have worked with thus far: