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A dais is a raised platform at the front of a lecture hall or sanctuary. We chose this name to signify our position as industry leaders on the cutting edge of nanotechnology.

Aqualyte is a nanostructured polymer invented, patented, and commercialized by Dais. This ultra-thin membrane controls the movement of water and energy and allows Dais to offer sustainable products in air, energy, food, health, and water.

Dais uses our breakthrough polymer called Aqualyte to offer a portfolio of sustainable products that address heating, cooling, water, and energy needs. See our solutions.

ConsERV is the first and most popular commercial application of our nanomaterial called Aqualyte. It’s a fixed-plate Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) added to traditional heating and cooling units to meet fresh air ventilation standards, lower CO2 emissions, and save up to 30% of energy costs. ConsERV is the best fixed-plate ERV on the market worldwide, as validated by third-party rating agencies. Visit ConsERV.com


An ERV is an add-on device for your HVAC system. By way of two fans, ERVs draw clean, fresh air into a home or office and remove stale air. The ConsERV fixed-plate core uses Aqualyte, which kills 99.99% of pathogens. ConsERV also manages moisture in demanding climates with no moving parts and low maintenance for total system effectiveness greater than 65%. Learn more about ConsERV

Latent heat refers to the moisture content in the air, while sensible heat refers to the temperature of that air. Latent heat consumes more energy to manage than sensible. ConsERV is a top performer in the Energy Recovery Ventilator industry in both of these categories.


Yes. Dais is traded on OTC Exchange listed company with the ticker “DLYT.” 

Dais is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a mega-business entity for the good of shareholders and the world alike. Check out our Investor Presentation and then let’s talk. Invest in Dais

Climate change and the aftereffects of a global pandemic are reshaping people’s thinking and buying habits. The global market* for innovative product solutions addressing this change is growing.

Buyers are seeking proven sustainable product solutions. Dais’s products address the market need of re-establishing a balanced eco-system done using the proven features of our disruptive nanomaterial (Aqualyte).

Aqualyte based product solutions save money, significantly reduce CO2 emissions, offer longer service life, have more functionality, provide industry-leading pathogen protection, and find people it serves more productive.

Managing Aqualyte’s disruptive ‘built-in’ features forms enables us to build product solutions replacing energy consuming and inefficient, breakable components found in today’s “state of the art” products.

We at Dais and Aqualyte can fulfill the market-driven need to protect the core elements of life: fresh air, clean water, and the efficient use of energy.

Aqualyte can disrupt industries worth over $1 trillion, including clean water, HVAC, transportation, and more. A realistic market capture is 15%, which could mean annual revenues of $165 billion, which would place it between Apple and Microsoft. The possibility exists.

Why has there not been a ‘cleantech’ Microsoft, Apple, Google, and many other large behemoths found in the technology space?

Look at the semiconductor for the answer. Using its features and addressing more and more uses each year. It was at the base of the ‘Tech’ industry’s birth, growth, and continued dominance.

At the time clever people in companies (Microsoft, Apple, Compaq, IBM, Google) exploited the integrated circuit board’s features. Products got faster, smaller and smarter – spawning even newer products, i.e. smartphones, tablets, electric cars, etc.

Key ‘ingredients’ from looking at the past: 1. Disruptive technology (ICB) where features are used to enable differentiated products. 2. A receptive worldwide market. 3. Growth Capital.

Aqualyte™ is a disruptive technology or equal to the integrated circuit board, i.e. uses its features to make a fundamental change – and make a massive difference.

A good example is Aqualyte’s ability to “re-invent” the $249 Billion Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) industry. Needed – Aqualyte nanomaterial, an updated product architecture, and moisture. Simple. It uses no refrigerant gases rather it uses Aqualyte’s features to toss out compressors, motors, pumps, and the like.

It is estimated an Aqualyte HVAC system would find savings from energy usage. An A/C system not using refrigerant gases and having ‘split’ management abilities of sensible heat (temperature – hot/cold), and latent heat (humidity) capability. CO2 savings totals nearly 60% annually (US DoE) with annual energy savings ranging between 54% – 67% (US DoE, and a multinational company working with Dais to accelerate the “re-invention of HVAC). Notes: ‘*’ – serviceable cross-industry market size will be an estimated $642B in 2024 per US Department of Commerce.

In summary, the marketplace for proven sustainable product solutions has never been as robust with the intersection of Climate change and the aftereffects of a global pandemic being the market driver. The Aqualyte™ nanomaterial is being sold in two applications today with plans to re-invent HVAC and others, i.e., have a good solid product application base. To be the next Microsoft, Apple, Google, or others of similar growth capital is key.

Come join us.